Weekly Services

Sunday Services: 
8:30 am - Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer held in St. Mary’s Chapel
10:30 am – Holy Eucharist from the Book of Alternative Services held in St. Mary’s Church
6:30 pm – Holy Eucharist from the Book of Alternative Services held at St. Peter on the Rock, Shea Heights


Wednesday Service: 
11:30 am – held at St. Mary’s Chapel alternating between the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services.  These services are held from September-June.


During the season of Lent we will gather for other forms of service appropriate to the occasion.  These times will be posted as the Lenten season approaches.


Home Communion – can be arranged for those who are sick, shut-in, and unable to get to regular Sunday services.  Arrangements can be made by contacting the church office at 579-0039.


Holy Baptism - At St. Mary’s and St. Peter’s baptism is administered one Sunday per month, according to need, at the main service of the day (10:30 a.m. at St. Mary’s, 6:30 p.m. at St. Peter’s), following a visit with the parents by the Rector and a preparation session.  All inquiries regarding Baptism should be directed to the Church Office or Rev. Nancy directly.  We use the liturgy in The Book of Alternative Services, p. 151. Baptism is not administered in the season of Lent.


The Sacrament of Confirmation – is a two year program at St. Mary’s open to all children in grade 6 and older.  The first year the child is encouraged to participate in the Godly Play Sunday School program and then enter into the confirmation program.  The regularity of Confirmation depends on the number of children who are registered.  For more information please call the church office.

Weddings - The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is offered by the parish for those couples wishing to have God’s blessing upon their union. While the Government of Canada has legalized the marriage of couples of the same gender, our Church has not yet adopted this practice (as of 2017), and consequently we are unable to accede to a request from such couples at this time.

Couples seeking marriage at St. Mary’s are advised to contact the Rector/Priest-in-Charge at least six months prior to the requested date to ensure the availability of the date and discuss the fees.

It is a requirement of our Diocese and of the Parish that couples participate in pre-marriage instruction before the event. This can be arranged through the Rector. Couples who live in other provinces and not expecting to be in St. John’s in time to participate in such instruction before their wedding are required to arrange for such instruction close to where they live. Such programs are subject to the approval of the Rector.


Funerals are celebrations of life that call for careful planning and pastoral care for loved ones. For funeral or memorial arrangements, either in the funeral home or in the church itself, please call the parish office and speak with the Rector directly.

Paddy's Day Party -